Ad guru’s performance at UW was Tite

Mar 4 2011 in News by Gina Racine, Editor-in-Chief

Ron Tite, vice president of innovation practice at Euro RSCG, made an appearance at the University of Waterloo on Tuesday evening at an event hosted by the Waterloo Advertising and Marketing club (WAM). - Gina Racine

   According to advertising guru Ron Tite, creating your personal brand is about being honest, open, transparent and genuine.
   If you try to hide who you really are behind a professional facade, people will eventually see right through it anyway, he claims.
   On Tuesday evening, Tite took the Bomber stage for an event called You Are Your Brand, Don’t F#&% It Up, hosted by the Waterloo Advertising and Marketing club (WAM).
   Not only was Tite sucessful at educating his audience on advertising and branding, anecdotes of his personal experience in the advertising world provided a night filled with laughter.
   Stories of his time working in advertising were not only humourous (playing the wrong clip from a Jackass movie during a presentation to Xerox was more than entertaining) but also informative for those looking to explore a career in the field he has clawed his way on top of.
    “A lot of people think that branding is advertising, but that’s bullshit, it’s not. Advertising is a component,” Tite told UW students and others in attendance.
   “The wardrobe you wear today is not you the person, it’s simply the clothes you wear.”
   When talking about the importance of branding, Tite used an ultra popular example of what he believes is an incredible personal brand — Lady Gaga.
   “At the core, at the centre of her brand, is that she stands for something… what she stands for, and it’s been written 4,000 different ways,  but the way I think what she stands for is that people should have the freedom to be and express themselves — that’s what she’s about. Now going from that to I’m going to go out on stage wearing a meat dress is a bit of a leap,” he laughed.
   Something else that Tite finds amazing about Lady Gaga is that she doesn’t do it alone.
   “There is an entire army of choreographers, and stylists, and musicians, and DJs, to which she refers to as the ‘Haus of Gaga.’ It’s not, ‘they’re  my schleps, they’re my team,’ they are in the house of Gaga. And there’s not just a lady in the house, there’s a bunch of other people,” he said.
   Another key reason to Gaga’s success, according to Tite, is that she consistently puts her customers, or Little Monsters as she refers to them, first.
   “She has that tattooed on her leg! Now I’ve got Kraft as a client. I would never get ‘Premium Plus’ tattooed on my ass. It’s not going to happen,” he joked.
   Tite’s appearance was a free event brought to UW by WAM as they hope to get more students involved in their on-campus marketing club.
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