8 Track: February 10, 2012

Feb 10 2012 in Arts by Ezra Wasser

Only the best songs released this week.

Frankie Rose
Approaching zen, Frankie Rose piledrives the listener through 300 kilometers of atmosphere.

Here We Go Magic
“Make Up Your Mind”
Its like a hydraulic piston pushing through an infinitum of tightly wound cassette tapes.

“Turn Your Love Around”
Do I detect an Ariel Pink influence?

“Gee Up”
If you want to know who’s listening to this, just look for the strutting hipsters.

Brandy and Monica
“It All Belongs to Me”
I was expecting another “The Boy is Mine”, but I’m OK with a break-up song recorded in a toy store.

“Pay Attention”
So focussed, but so hazy.

Orbital (feat. Zola Jesus)
“New France”
As the ash spreads overhead, just keep running.

“ABC City”
Save this for a day when you just need to wildly flail about.